Beyprofil was founded in 1998 in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone. In the 21-year period; Its innovative perspective and superior quality standards have become a rapidly rising value in the domestic and international markets. ​
As semi-finished product; We offer crown and cradle profiles, foot and drawer profiles, wall and surface profiles, skirting boards, edge covering profiles, covers and special decorative profiles to the furniture and decoration industry. In addition, we also produce ultra HG panels and membrane covers.
On the other hand, to the steel door and interior room door sector; We become your solution partner with decorative panels (surface and backing), casing, moldings and profiles.
Ar-Ge çalışmalarımızın ve yenilik anlayışımızın bir sonucu olarak; ürünlerimizi pvc, laminat, doğal kaplama ve finish folyo ile kaplamaktayız.
Our company, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, will continue its R&D studies and production without compromising on quality, using technological machinery and experienced personnel support.